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I started the menopause at 50, and I didn’t like looking in the mirror and seeing an older, tired and drawn face. I lost confidence in myself, in appearance and talking to people and I have always been quite extrovert and confident.

I read an article in a magasine about skin tightening treatment and its effects, this got me thinking that this is what I needed to help boost my low self-esteem. I searched on the internet and found Skin Clinic in Northampton so I made my appointment for a consultation with Dr Bassam.

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I arrived for my consultation and felt very nervous as I had not had any facial treatments before nor did I know anybody who had experienced anything like this before. I was introduced to Dr Bassam who immediately made me feel very relaxed, explained the process of skin tightening and what was I hoping to achieve. He talked me through the laser treatment, and gave me a trial patch and explained that it would feel like elastic bands pinging on my face.

I decided to go ahead with the course of 6 treatments, each treatment to be approx 2/3 weeks apart. The treatment was quite painful but bearable (Dr Bassam would ask on a scale of 1 – 10 how painful and it would start as a tingle and increased to a 9 by the end of each treatment. My face was very red but I was given aloe vera to apply (it looked like sunburn) which calmed my skin very quickly but had calmed down by the morning so I was able to go to work.

At the end of the course my skin looked very nourished and healthy and felt slightly tightened. During my treatments Dr Bassam told me about Sculptra and thought it would work for me giving the results I was looking for, and something to consider for the future which I found very helpful.

Sculptra was the next step, to work with my own collagen and to give a plumper look to my face. It is not an immediate effect and takes approx 6 weeks to start to work. The treatment was a course of 3 vyles, each vyles to be approx 1 month apart. After the 6 weeks my face was beginning to look plumper, and fresher, I was very happy with the result, it looked very natural and as we had discussed, I didn’t want to look over done. This was 2 years ago and it is still working.

I would recommend this treatment and will have ‘top ups’ as and when necessary.

I also have botox treatment for my frown lines and eyebrow lift to help keep deep lines at bay.

Dr Bassam is a very caring consultant, he has always listened to what result I was trying to achieve, he gives advice on well being, how to look after my skin, healthy eating and taking exercise.

I’ll be back!

I first met Doctor Zeina in 2009 when I decided to embark upon a course of Sculptra. At our first meeting we discussed the overall effect I hoped to achieve and Doctor Zeina was able to talk through how he wanted to address my current problems of loss of volume in different areas of my face. At the time I was reassured by his knowledge of what would work well and how he had used Sculptra and offered other patients excellent results. He impressed upon me the need for patience and how this treatment was not a “quick fix” He also talked through the money aspect and I felt that this was a Doctor who was also interested in the fact that Sculptra was expensive and therefore the total number treatments I could afford would give me the maximum results. This was achieved through his knowledge and skill in determining which areas of my face he would concentrate on.

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Over time I have built a good professional working relationship with Doctor Zeina. I feel he has a good understanding of the person I am and what I want to see when I look in the mirror. I trust his professional view and each time I have been extremely happy with the results. He is always friendly and responsive, he is also very aware of potential pain from needles and will always stop and ask if I am okay. He is also holistic in discussing with me other benefits of my skin care and overall health. Through being able to establish a basis of trust and Doctor Zeina’s skill I also had another course of treatment to enhance the Scultptra.

I would recommend Doctor Zeina to anyone who is considering Scultpra but also for any other non surgical intervention.His approach and manner has put me at ease and I have no doubt that this would be true for any other potential patient.

I wont mention the huge bruise under my left eye that appeared after my Botox last Friday – relax I know it happens J

“I have been seeing Dr Zeina Bassam for 2 years now, & I wouldn’t even consider looking elsewhere”

“He is open, honest & genuine in his approach, and is clear about what can be achieved”

“He is extremely gentle and considerate, he is conscious that some areas of the face are more fragile and sensitive than others, he monitors your pain threshold regularly.”

“I tried a different clinic before I found Dr Bassam, and found it very impersonal and rushed.”

“Because he is so qualified & experienced, Zeina can achieve long lasting and subtly changes to lesson the unwanted appearance of aging beautifully. Which after all, is what I believe most women want, to- look as youthful for as long as possible giving them a feeling of inner confidence”.

As the years go by many of us still claim to feel like teenagers. I wonder how many of us would honestly like to relive those adolescent years, I for one certainly would not and until recently a glance over my shoulder into the mirror reminded me why and no – it’s not a monstrous tattoo, curling over my shoulder displaying my first boyfriends name! Although in the past I have wondered if tattooing could disguise my disfigurement! The reminders of my youth are caused by a teenage plagued with acne, thankfully the worst being on my back. This was not only extremely painful but also embarrassing, especially when having to change for sports lessons or use one of those awful communal fitting rooms, which thankfully seem to be a thing of the past. I’m sure it always appeared strange that while all the other occupants of these communal torture chambers huddled in the corner turning their chests away from prying eyes, I was always trying to hide my back. After all, we all had breasts, but if anyone spotted the horrendous state of my back I knew I would be the target of ridicule until something better attracted the attention of the school bullies. On many occasions the spots would weep and bleed through my white school shirt, causing me to wear a jumper even on the hottest days! I was constantly told by my mother who had beautiful skin not to pick and squeeze, however I admit that I did, sometimes it was the only way to relieve the painful swellings. Looking back I don’t ever remember my father, (whose skin condition I inherited) ever telling me to leave my back alone, maybe he understood the pain I was going through!

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Until recently my back was badly pitted from my shoulders to just below my bra line. I am now in my mid-forties and have always searched for swimwear which completely covers my back, and ball gowns have always been extremely difficult to find, or have had to be covered with something to conceal the scarring.
My husband is very sympathetic and although he says the scars aren’t bad and that no-one will notice them, I know they will, and we are always on the look-out for something to help! One year I had hair extensions which was perfect coverage when in evening wear, but not good swimming or during the day when the slightest breeze would blow my cover!!! About 5 years ago my husband booked me in to have treatment which involved filling scar voids with oxygen. I think it was meant to encourage the re-growth of collagen, apparently it’s effective on stretch-marks, but did nothing to help me. I also had a consultation for a procedure whereby your skin cells were taken and grown over a few months then re-injected into the problem areas where they were meant to grow and fill the pitting. Due to the expense and lack of guaranteed success I didn’t proceed with this option and have since heard that many people who had the procedure to reduce age lines are now trying to receive refunds due to the procedures ineffectiveness! Finally about 2 years ago I went to my GP, who, to my surprise, was extremely sympathetic and arranged for me to see a specialist at the local hospital. Although I felt that I was wasting their time with a vanity issue when they could be dealing with the terminally ill, no one made me feel that way. However, when I finally got to see the consultant he advised me that the laser treatment that the NHS offer would not help with deep scars such as mine and that the only option was the have fillers which were only available privately! At the time there was no money to spend on my vanity, but last year, after down-sizing house we found ourselves with some spare cash. The first thing we did was to book a family holiday of a life-time to Australia, probably our last before the older boys fly the nest! We were going to a sunny climate for the first time in 8 years and I immediately started to worry about summer clothes that would cover my back! My husband found the skin website while looking at the Tesco clubcard offers. He left the page open and told me to have a look, I read the small print and found that our Tesco vouchers could not be used for the kind of treatment I was interested in, but by now I was in a position to pay, so in October 2010 I called and made an appointment. My first appointment was a bit of a disappointment. Although very professional, the nurse I saw told me that she was sure laser treatment would work, but when I explained to her that the NHS had told me it wouldn’t and that I wasn’t prepared to pay for something that I had previously been told was unsuitable she booked me a consultation with a doctor. When I met Dr Zeina Bassam he was wonderful, he didn’t try to tell me that the scarring “really wasn’t that bad” – in fact he agreed that it was noticeable and understood my embarrassment. He also told me exactly the same as the NHS consultant (that in my case, laser would not be effective) and suggested we try fillers. He went on to explain that there was no guarantee but that the scarring would definitely be improved somewhere between 20 to 80%. I couldn’t wait – any improvement would be wonderful! I returned for my appointment with excitement and trepidation. Dr Zeina soon made me comfortable and the fillers were gently done, with no discomfort at all! Over the next few days some of the areas treated were slightly raised and a bit itchy but I had been warned that this would all calm down within a week or two. By the time I returned for my 3 week check, my back looked better than I could ever remember! Dr Zeina gave me the number of a camouflage clinic where it was suggested I could have a lesson on how to apply camouflage make up to conceal the slight variation in pigmentation, however, I have never taken up this suggestion as now nearly 6 months after my treatment the scarring appears to have improved even more and Dr Zeina has now told me that hopefully the effects will last at least a year. This is amazing, I have worn strappy dresses and although at first imagined that people were staring at my back I now realize that there is nothing abnormal for them to look at, and it’s wonderful! I will definitely be returning as soon as the effects start to fade and would recommend this treatment to anyone.
Thanks so much Dr Zeina, you have given me new confidence and I can’t wait to go shopping for a new summer wardrobe!

Dawn Masterson