Mole check and removal

Mole check and removal

Mole Checking and Removal

Our specialist skin doctors can check and safely remove moles for cosmetic and health reasons. Moles are common benign skin lesions, mostly harmless in nature. However, occasionally a malignant melanoma (cancerous mole) may arise within a mole or appear on the skin. These look like moles but will need to be removed. Moles can also be removed for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons, and this can be done easily and quickly using a variety of methods at the Anana Clinic.

Harmless moles may be flat or protruding and vary in colour from flesh tones to pink, dark brown or black. Moles can sometimes cause health concerns or problems such as bleeding, itching, or catching on clothing. Our experienced team of dermatologists and cosmetic therapists are able to check your moles and to remove unwanted or harmful moles if necessary. The removal of moles is quick and simple and results in clear, smooth skin. The method of mole removal will be decided by you and an expert doctor during your consultation.

We offer 4 methods of mole removal:

1. Shave biopsy

A shave biopsy is a simple procedure usually used to treat a raised mole though sometimes even flat moles can be removed using this method. After numbing the skin with local anaesthetic the doctor will remove the raised part of the mole with a small surgical blade. The wound is left to heal without stitches and normally leaves a subtle flat white mark or thin circle. Occasionally the area may be red for a few months, or may remain the same colour as the original mole.

2. Excision biopsy

An excision biopsy is used if the mole is flat or if there is any doubt as to whether the mole is cancerous, as the whole mole can be sent to the laboratory for examination after removal. After numbing the mole with local anaesthetic the doctor will remove the mole and close the wound using sutures (stitches). The resulting scar should be just a thin line. We will always offer to send the removed mole specimen to the laboratory for pathological examination (histology).

3. Cryosurgery

Liquid nitrogen treatment is a quick and effective way to remove moles by freezing. Cryotherapy does not usually require anaesthetic and takes just a few seconds to destroy the cell tissue and remove the mole. Scarring rarely occurs with this form of mole removal.

4. Non-surgical lasers

We also offer laser removal, which provides great results and removes the colour of dark moles in a non-surgical way, with minimal discomfort or scarring.

Mole and skin tag consultation prices: 

Mole consultation with a doctor:  £99

Mole consultation with the Medical Director: £140

Skin tag consultation with a nurse: FREE

Skin tag consultation with a doctor: £99

Skin tag consultation with the Medical Director: £140

The best method for mole and skin tag removal and the final price will be confirmed during your consultation.

Mole or skin tag removal methodSingle treatmentAdditional treatments
Mole removal by shave excision£155from £75
Mole removal by surgical excision£300from £75
Mole removal by cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen)from £76from £36
Mole removal by cauteryfrom £76from £36
Skin tag removal by cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen)from £60from £30