Sculptra® is a facelift in a bottle – a non-surgical lift that offers natural looking results lasting for up to 5 years

Sculptra® is non-surgical approach to achieving a fresher, natural looking, youthful appearance and fight the signs of ageing. Sculptra® is a simple injectable volumising cosmetic treatment which stimulates the build up of the body’s natural collagen, helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and restore plumpness and tautness to the skin. This effective treatment provides gradual, long-lasting results without the need for surgery or more invasive therapies and is used by many Hollywood stars.

Sculptra® treatments help to combat premature ageing by smoothing the contours of the face and restoring firmness and definition, with results lasting between 2-5 years.

Sculptra® can help with the following issues:

Restore facial contours and volume:

  • Hollow temples

  • Sunken cheeks

  • Deep folds and wrinkles around the nose and mouth

  • Marionette lines

  • Loose skin

  • Sagging jowls

Long lasting correction of lines and wrinkles:

  • Define and lift the jaw line

  • Deep wrinkles from the nose to mouth

  • Marionette lines

Enhance facial volume in a natural way:

  • Cheek volume enhancement

  • Mid-face volume enhancement

  • Naturally youthful and healthy looking skin

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Single treatmentAdditional treatments
*2-5 treatments are usually recommended for effective results
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How does Sculptra® work?

With the natural ageing process, skin loses its full, firm, youthful appearance and may become thinner and lose its volume. This can result in wrinkles, lines, and sagging of the skin. For some people, the loss of fat tissue and the reduction in skin volume can make their face look thin and narrow which may cause them to appear older than they actually are.

Sculptra® works by stimulating the build-up of your body’s own collagen to smooth away lines and wrinkles, and restore a more youthful appearance with gradual, natural looking results. Sculptra® treatments are applied over three treatment sessions with a minimum interval of 4 weeks, over a total of 12-16 weeks. Final results will be seen at 6-10 months. Younger patients have reported results at 3-4 months, often after their first treatment.

Sculptra provides an alternative to both traditional surgery and other non-surgical treatments, providing long lasting results and minimal discomfort..

How is Sculptra® treatment performed?

Sculptra is formulated of mirco particles of poly-L-lactic acid, which are mixed in with 5ml of sterile water and 1ml 1% Lidocaine. The solution is then injected into the fatty tissue of the face, stimulating collagen production which results in restored facial volume, a firmer jaw line, better cheekbones and the reduction of sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles.
The treatment process lasts for about half an hour. Some discomfort may be experienced but generally the sensation is not painful. Sculptra® takes time to work, with the results becoming noticeable after about six weeks. Two or three treatments are usually necessary to obtain the desired result. However, unlike some other treatments that require refresher treatments, the results of a Sculptra® session can last for between 3-5 years after the end of your treatment programme. The results will differ depending on age, wrinkling and the type of procedure used.

Why Choose Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that has important advantages over the main alternatives available: temporary filler treatments,permanent implants and cosmetic surgery.
Filler treatments only reduce wrinkles and creases for a relatively short time, whereas Sculptra® treatments can produce results that last for up to 5 years. Permanent implants can remain for years but cannot accommodate the changes in appearance that happen as you age, while Sculptra® stimulates the body’s collagen production, working with the contours of your face to produce a natural result. Sculptra® is also a far less invasive procedure than a face-lift or any other type of facial cosmetic surgery.

What are the possible side effects of treatment with Sculptra®?

Immediate side effects might include minimal redness, slight tenderness, swelling or bruising around the injection site, which may last a few days. For optimum results, the treated area should be massaged twice daily for a month after treatment.